Institutional Membership Program
(PIM, for its acronym in Spanish)


Membership programs are privileged spaces for IBERO academics, researchers and administrative staff to interact with other members of their profession, share experiences and understand recent dynamics. This allows strengthening the IBERO’s teaching, research, outreach and communication capacities. Moreover, they represent efforts by groups of persons interested in developing better management mechanisms in their respective areas. Memberships financed by the IBERO can be of two types:

  1. Institutional. When the commitment to participate pertains to the IBERO in its entirety. 
  2. Department-level. When the commitment to participate pertains only to an academic or support unit and involves a specific issue-area under their purview. In this respect, it has direct relation with its areas of activity, impact on accreditation processes or contributes to the advancement of decisions of an strategic nature, etc. 

It should be noted that the PIM does not pay for personal affiliations made in an individual capacity by academics, researchers or administrative staff who decide to participate in the work of an organization, because of affinity to his/her field of expertise.

Peer networks are communities composed of academics, professional practitioners and/or university authorities that work for the development of projects and initiatives through a network scheme, further to strategic directions set out by their respective institutions. They pertain to organizational and work mechanisms that are both dynamic and flexible, and in line with the strategic priorities of the various associations.