Scholarships for foreign students


Scholarships for foreign students under the framework of activities and programs of the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) are in line with the IBERO’s objective of opening its doors to students with high academic performance, allowing them to continue their academic development, so that, once their stay is completed, they can contribute to the development and wellbeing of their home countries.


AMEXCID (S.R.E.) - Ibero

Mexican Government’s Academic Excellence Scholarships for Foreigners

Description: Financial support (tuition and living expenses) so that nationals of Iberian American countries complete a full graduate course or undertake a research stay (1 to 12 months) at the Ibero.

Dates to submit applications: July-September of each year, to begin studies in the Fall of the following year.


Academic and Student Mobility Platform of the Pacific Alliance

Description: This program provides support to carry out academic exchanges at undergraduate level for an academic period of maximum six months, as well as for doctoral studies and teaching internships for periods of between three weeks to 12 months. The financial support consists of living expenses, insurance, and transport.

Dates to submit applications: July-October of each year, to begin studies in the Spring or Fall of the following year.