Institutional Program for Academic Visitors
(PIAV, for its acronym in Spanish)


The Institutional Program for Academic Visitors seeks to benefit the activities of academic departments, giving priority to graduate programs, through visits by national and foreign specialists that carry out a program of work that contemplates both teaching and research. It seeks to increase, through visits and/or exchanges of professors and researchers, the links of the IBERO with higher education institutions in Mexico and abroad, with a view to establishing joint collaboration projects as a result of the links developed with academic visitors.

The visiting academic must participate in research and/or teaching projects with the following objectives:

  • Strengthen the IBERO’s graduate and research programs, through the organization of academic activities of a multidisciplinary nature that involve several programs and/or academic units (intensive conferences, joint research projects, continuing education courses, etc.)
  • Support the development and strengthening of the academic staff’s competencies.
  • Generate supplementary financial resources.
  • It is a compulsory requirement to submit a report with the results of the academic stay.

Exceptions: Proposals are not considered to form part of a jury in a professional exam.


Virtual PIAV

The COVID-19 pandemic bolstered the virtual modality of the program, which allows access to participations by Academic Visitors (AV) that teach complete courses and full course modules with curriculum value, keynote lectures or “master classes”, integrated workshops with curriculum value, and conference cycles, all of which focus on student development. The participation of AVs will be stored in the institutional repository and made available to partner institutions of higher education.


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