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With 7 associate degrees, 36 undergraduate and 46 graduate programs, IBERO offers a wide range of education at the highest academic level. Recognized experts guarantee an integrated formation that goes beyond mere acquisition of information or knowledge, and at the same time promotes the personal growth of the students. IBERO has laboratories and workshops with state-of-the-art equipment in the areas of architecture, communications, computer, design, engineering, chemistry, nutrition, photography, physics, and psychology, amongst others.

As exchange or study abroad student you are able to take any course that is offered at IBERO, as long as there are no special access restrictions to a particular course and your Spanish language skills are sufficient. Visit our academic offer and program listing for undergraduate and graduate studies.

Every semester, various academic departments at IBERO offer a range of English taught courses, especially in the areas of International Business, Marketing, International Relations, Architecture, Finance, etc. Students can combine those subjects with Spanish taught courses and/or Spanish language classes, or chose to take only English taught courses. For detailed information, please visit our “English taught courses” section.

Please explore the additional offering available for international students: