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1) Regular Academic Departments' Offer

If you want to take any of these courses, you have to attend the appointment with the respective academic coordinator and get his/her authorization signature.



    • Process Analysis (“Gestión de Procesos”): Group A (Tue/Thu 4-8pm) 8 Ibero credits.

Art ("Arte") 

    • The Art Of The Middle Ages (“Arte de la Edad Media”): 20758Group A (Mon/Thu 11am-1pm) 8 Ibero credits.

Actuary ("Acutaría") 

    • Insurances I (“Seguros I”): 23199Group A (Tue/Thu 7-9am) 8 Ibero credits.

Architecture ("Arquitectura") 

    • Urban Design And Workshop (“Diseño Urbano y Taller”): 21000 Group A (Tue/Thu 7-9am); Group B (Tue/Thu 9-11am) 6 Ibero credits.
    • Fundamentals Of Computer Aided Design ("Fundamentos De Diseño Asistido Por Computadora")21033 Group D (Mon/Wed 6-8pm) 6 Ibero credits.
    • Architecture And Communication ("Arquitectura y Comunicación") 21035 Group B (Tue/Thu 7-9am) 6 Ibero credits.

Business Administration ("Administración de Empresas"):

    • Introduction to Business ("Introducción a los Negocios") 22209, Group U, (Wednesday 4-8pm) 8 Ibero credits.
    • Business Communication ("Comunicación Directiva"): 22284Group A: (Tuesday 6-8 pm) Group B: (Thursady 6-8 pm), Group C: (Monday 9-11 am), Group D: (Monday 11am-1pm), Group E:  (Tuesday 9-11 am), Group F: (Tuesday 11am-1pm), Group G: (Wednesday 9-11am), Group H: (Wednesday 11am-1pm), Group I: (Monday 6-8pm), Group J: (Monday 8-10pm), Group K: (Monday 4-6pm), Group L: (Monday 6-8pm) Group M: (Wednesday 4-6pm), Group N: (Wednesday 6-8pm). 4 Ibero credits.

Chemical Engineering (“Ingeniería Química”):

    • Alternative Energies (“Energías Alternativas”): 22476 Group B (Mon/Wed 11am-1pm) 8 Ibero credits.

Clothing and Fashion Design (“Diseño de Indumentaria y Moda”):

    • Fashion Trends And Lifestyle (“Tendencias y Estilos de Vida”): 22462 Group A (Tue/Thu 11am-1pm) 8 Ibero credits.

Economics ("Economía") 

    • Economy and Politics (“Economía y Política”): 20930, Group A (Tue/Thu 11am-1pm) 8 Ibero credits.

Finance ("Finanzas"):

    • Finances ("Finanzas"): 23209Group A (Mon/Fri 7-9am) 8 Ibero credits.
    • International Finance ("Finanzas Internacionales"): 21492 Group A (Mon/Wed 6-8pm) 8 Ibero credits.
    • Advanced Corporate Finance ("Finanzas Corporativas Avanzadas"): 22224 Group A (Tuesday 6-10pm); Group B (Mon/Wed 8pm-10pm). 8 Ibero credits.
    • Corporate Finance ("Finanzas Corporativas"): 22262 Group A (Mon/Wed 6pm-8pm); Group B (Tue/Thu 6pm-8pm). 8 Ibero credits.

Food Engineering (“Ingeniería en Alimentos”):

    • Simulation and Scale-Up of Food Processes (“Simulación de Procesos y Escalamiento”): 20411 Group A (Wed 8-10pm & Thu 6-10pm) 8 Ibero credits.

Latin American Literature (“Literatura Latinoamericana”):

    • Contemporary Literature (“Perspectivas De La Literatura Contemporánea”): 20682 Group A (Mon/Wed 1-3pm) 8 Ibero credits.
    • Contemporary Literary Theory Research Seminar ("Seminario de Teoría Literaria Contemporánea"): 20684 Group A (Mon/Wed 11am-1pm) 8 Ibero credits.

International Business ("Negocios Internacionales"):

    • International Business Administration (“Administración de Negocios Internacionales”) 20959Group A: Tue/Thu 1-3pm; Group B: Mon/Wed 1-3pm; Group C: Tue/Thu 9am-11am, 8 Ibero credits 
    • International Business Workshop (“Taller de Negocios Internacionales”) 20962Group B: Mon/Wed 11am-1pm. 4 Ibero credits.
    • Free Trade Agreements and International Business Trends (“TLC y Nuevas Corrientes del Comercio Internacional”) 21342. Group C: Tue/Thu 7-9am. 8 Ibero credits.
    • Foreign Trade Logistics (“Logística del Comercio Exterior”) 21348Group A: Mon/Wed 4-6pm; Group B: Mon/Wed 6-8pm, Group C Mon/Wed 8-10pm. 8 credits.
    • International Competitiveness (“Competitividad Internacional”) 21351Group A: Tue/Thu 9-11am; Group B: Tue/Thu 11am-1pm; Group C: Mon/Wed 4-6pm 8 Ibero credits.
    • Seminar on International Business (“Seminario de Negocios Internacionales”): 21353Group A: Mon/Wed 7-9 am. 8 Ibero credits.
    • Protocol and International Negotiation Workshop (“Taller de Protocolo y Negociación Internacional): 22220, Group A: ONLINE COURSE; Group B: Mon/Wed 6-8pm, 4 Ibero credits.
    • Global Strategy (“Estrategia Global”): 22341Group C: Mon/Wed 1-3pm. 8 Ibero credits
    • Selected Topics of International Business (“Temas Selectos de Negocios Internacionales”): 22783Group A: Tue/Thu 8-10pm. 4 Ibero credits.
    • Sustainability And International Business ("Sustentabilidad y Empresa Internacional"): 22431, Group A: ONLINE COURSE; Group B: ONLINE COURSE

Marketing ("Mercadotecnia"):

    • Basic Marketing ("Fundamentos de Mercadotecnia"): 20723 Group D: Monday 7-11am; 8 Ibero credits. 
    • Global Marketing ("Mercadotecnia Global"): 21862 Group A (Tue/Thu 7-9 am);Group B (Tue/Thu 9-11am); Group C (Tue/Thu 11am-1pm); Group D (Mon/Wed 9am-11am), Group E (Tue/Thu 4-6pm). 8 Ibero credits.
    • Market Research Workshop ("Taller de investigación de mercados"): 20916 Group E (Mon/Wed 9am-11am); 4 Ibero credits.

Psychology ("Psicología"):

    • Work Psychology ("Psicología del trabajo"): 22720 Group A (Tue/Thu 1-3pm); Group C (Mon/Wed 8-10pm); Group D (Tue/Fri 7-9 am) 8 Ibero credits.

International Relations ("Relaciones Internacionales"):

    • Foreign Policy of The United States and Canada (“Política Exterior de EEUU y Canadá”): 21162 Group B: (Mon/Wed 4-6pm) Group C: (Tue/Thu 1-3pm). 8 Ibero credits.
    • Europe (“Europa”): 21166 Group C: (Mon/Wed 6-8pm). 8 Ibero credits
    • International Political Economy ("Economía Política Internacional"): 22589 Group B: (Mon/Wed 6-8pm). 8 Ibero credits.
    • Culture and Globalization ("Cultura y Globalización"): 22678 Group B: (Mon/Wed 1-3pm). 8 Ibero credits.
    • Global Poverty and Inequality (“Desigualdad y Pobreza”): 22674 Group A: (Mon/Wed 4-6pm). 4 Ibero credits.
    • Africa and Middle East ("Africa y Medio Oriente"): 21167 Group B: (Mon/Wed 6-8pm) 8 Ibero credits.
    • Diplomatic And Consular Practice ("Práctica Diplomática y Consular") 21183  Group A: Mon/Wed 6-8pm; 8 Ibero credits.
    • International Project Management ("Gestión de Proyectos Internacionales"): 22584 Group C: Tue/Thu 6-8pm. 6 Ibero credits
    • International Economic Integration ("Integración Económica Internacional"): 22588 Group C: Tue/Thu 8-10pm;Group D: Mon/Wed 11am-1pm; 8 Ibero credits
    • Emerging Powers ("Potencias Emergentes"): 22590 Group B: Tue/Thu 1-3pm; 8 Ibero credits
    • Negotiation Skills Training ("Técnicas de Negociación"): 22585 Group B: Mon/Wed 6-8pm; 8 Ibero credits


2)   Latin American Culture Program:

For a detailed description of this courses, please click on the 6 digit link.

    • Getting to know Mexico City: 100003 Group A (every other Friday 11am-5pm). 2 Ibero credits. Meeting point for each trip: Gate 3.
    • Latin American and Mexican History: 100182 Group A (Mon/Wed 11am-1pm). 8 Ibero credits. Room: G104
    • Sustainability and Alternative Development in Mexico and Latin America 100236 Group A (Tue/Thu 11:00am-1:00pm). 8 Ibero credits. Room: G116


3)   Spanish Language Program:

    • Spanish intensive course, various levels, Monday to Thursday 9-11am, 13 Ibero credits, Room: TBC
    • Advanced conversation, Mon/Wed 1-3pm, 6 Ibero credits, Room: TBC
    • Intermediate conversation, Mon/Wed 11am-1pm, 6 Ibero credits, Room: TBC











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