Internationalization and Academic Cooperation


The Direction of Internationalization and Academic Cooperation (DICA, for its acronym in Spanish) has the mission of supporting the university’s institutional development, through innovative internationalization, cooperation and academic liaison strategies that facilitate national and international collaboration. It seeks to structure efforts to integrate the international dimension into the university’s daily activities, in a sustainable manner and in accordance with the principles of the Society of Jesus and the demands of a globalized world.

To advance this mission, the DICA operates through four areas:

  • Agreements
  • Internationalization
  • Student Mobility
  • Academic Relations

In this respect, it coordinates its activities with departments that depend on the Office of the Academic Provost, such as: Accreditation, Research and Graduate Studies, as well as others that support institutional improvement, such as Financial Aid, Continuous Education and Languages.


  • The university has established an effective, solid and recognized strategy for internal partnerships and internationalization.
  • Academic linkages are in place that generate synergies and allow, through collaboration efforts, the attainment of international quality standards that are in line with the principles of the Society of Jesus.
  • Services offered by the DICA support IBERO’s efforts to help students, faculty and the community in general develop competencies, including global skills and social immersion.
  • DICA generates and promotes successful multilateral projects and provides leadership for active participation by the university in joint initiatives carried out by educational networks of institutions entrusted to the Society of Jesus.